DIY Booking Arizona Hardcore, Metal and Punk Rock Venues by American Standards

It’s not uncommon for a band to receive multiple requests a day from out of town artists asking to help book their upcoming DIY tour date. Much like other bands have done for us, American Standards has always been more than happy to provide recommendations on Arizona local venues, promoters and bands. It’s that community that makes this scene great. With this blog post we explore those options for your punk rock, metal or hardcore band (along with all the various sub genres) and hope you’ll join in on the conversation by telling us about your favorite spots.


  • The Greenroom
  • The Hive
  • The Orpheum

  • Spook Hall

  • Neon Lounge

  • 51 West
  • Club Red
  • Joes Grotto
  • Rebel Lounge
  • Rips Ales
  • The Marquee
  • The Nile Theater
  • The Underground 
  • TUF Foundation
  • Yucca Tap Room

  • Drunken Lass
  • Gurley Street Coffee
  • Lyzzards Lounge

  • 191 Toole
  • Club Congress
  • Gary’s Place
  • The Rialto
  • The Rock
  • YUMA

  • Prison Hill
  • Did we miss something? Comment below with your favorite Arizona music venue(s).

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